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This Privacy Policy describes the terms of our commitment to your privacy.


1. What We Do works to connect consumers with various auto accident personal injury attorneys. is not themselves an attorney or law firm and does not provide consultation or legal services to consumers. The information contained herein is not legal advice and this website is for informational purposes only. By calling the listed telephone number, you are not forming an attorney-client relationship. You can only retain a lawyer by entering into a written retainer agreement with that attorney. Past performances do not guarantee future results. Never stop taking a prescription medication without consulting your doctor first.

After consumers contact the Walker and Walker Attorney Network via our web site, connects them with a network of trial auto accident personal injury attorneys who are best qualified to give you your free consultation regarding your case. The information you provide to the attorney granting your free consultation is used to determine the merits of your case.

2. Collecting Information

Currently, does not collect any personal information from you. This privacy policy will be updated accordingly in the event that we do decide to collect personal information to service your car accident personal injury legal needs.

In the future, if it’s in the best interests of our legal shopping audience to do so we may decide to collect personally identifiable information, including but not limited to, the attorney contact request, other online forms, email communication and customers feedback. This information may include financial, health-related or other sensitive information. Other than as set forth in this privacy policy or by given permission from you to do so, we will not sell or disclose your personal information to third parties in the event of personal information collection from you.

The attorneys accessible via our toll-free number, however, will need to collect information to provide you an accurate consultation regarding your case. This is accomplished a number of ways including your online form submission when you leave our site to visit theirs, by contacting you directly or by using a third party service. Types of third party services may include, but are not limited to, car accident insurance claim information, police reports, and DMV records. and its partners may also collect information via “cookies” and/or through other technology (ip address, web bugs, pixels, etc.) to enhance all aspects of the website including the consumer experience, the application and/or any communication. Our partners may also use tracking technology by or through our website. is not responsible or liable for any tracking, data collection or other third party activities.

3. Information usage

The Walker and Walker Attorney Network via uses your information collected for a variety of purposes in the course of business. Examples include, but are not limited to, analyze customer trends on our respective websites or send you additional opportunities/offers from our partners. Currenly, does not engage in consumer contact, which is handled by the Walker and Walker Attorney Network.

To stop these communications, you will need to contact the Walker and Walker Attorney Network directly and request that they stop contacting you. We are not liable or responsible if these partners violate our privacy policy or their own privacy policy.

4. Opt Out Information

You may be contacted via email or postal mail regarding special offers, opportunities or other promotions. If you would not like to receive future promotional and marketing material, you can opt out of the communication by sending an email to or by contacting us via postal at address listed below. However, opting out of receiving promotional materials will not prevent us from contacting you, by email or other communications, regarding your current or past relationship with us, should the need arise to do so.

5. Security

In the event that we do collect information in the future, we will take all reasonable security precautions to protect any information stored on our site. However, we cannot guarantee that any information stored on our server, or transferred to our partners, will be completely protected from unauthorized access. is not liable or responsible for any theft, loss, unauthorized access or any other interception of the data or other communications. By using, you understand and agree to assume these risks.

6. Changes to Privacy Policy, at its sole discretion, may change the privacy policy at any time in manner consistent with laws and regulations. Please visit the privacy policy from time to time to learn about any changes.

7. Disputes

As part of the consideration that requires of you to view, use, or interact with this site, you agree to use binding arbitration for any claim, dispute, or controversy (“CLAIM”) of any kind (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) arising out of or relating to the use of to obtain California car injury lawyer consultations from the Walker and Walker Attorney Network and/or other appropriately licensed legal entities, including solicitation issues, privacy issues, and terms of use issues. Arbitration shall be conducted pursuant to the rules of the American Arbitration Association, which are in effect on the date a dispute is submitted to the American Arbitration Association. Information about the American Arbitration Association, its rules, and its forms are available from the American Arbitration Association, 335 Madison Avenue, Floor 10, New York, New York, 10017-4605. Hearing will take place in the city or county of
In no case shall you have the right to go to court or have a jury trial. You will not have the right to engage in pre-trial discovery except as provided in the rules; you will not have the right to participate as a representative or member of any class of claimants pertaining to any claim subject to arbitration; the arbitrator?s decision will final and binding with limited rights of appeal. The prevailing party shall be reimbursed by the other party for any and all costs associated with the dispute arbitration, including attorney fees, collection fees, investigation fees, travel expenses.

8. Jurisdiction and Venue

If any matter concerning your use of shall be brought before a court of law, pre- or post-arbitration, you agree to that the sole and proper jurisdiction to be the state and city declared in the contact information of unless otherwise here specified. Bismarck, Burleigh County, North Dakota. In the event that litigation is in a federal court, the proper court shall be the closest federal court to’s address.

9. Applicable Law

You agree that the applicable law to be applied shall, in all cases, be that of the state of’s owner(s).

10. Acceptance of Privacy Policy

By filling out the application and providing your information, you acknowledge you have read, understand and agree to privacy policy. If you have any questions about the privacy policy, you can contact us at:

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October 24, 2020